About Us

Snubble Tubble is a phrase my younger siblings and I made up to torment each other when we were growing up in southern Louisiana.  Basically, the words rhymed with trouble, so it made complete sense to us.  We would usually repeat the phrase over and over again, loudly, as we stood next to our siblings, not touching them…you know, acting like you’re going to poke your sibling in the arm or head while yelling that you’re not touching them.  Wow, we were annoying!  So, that’s where the name started… 

Our Company

I started making candles in 2004 after I ended up in my safe haven, Oklahoma.  I showed up with a little girl, a rat in a cage (named Princess… hey, she was potty-trained, did tricks and was the only pet I could afford) and $278 left to my name. I started all over, and it was worth it. As I raised my daughter on my own, there have been many lean (poor) years in our lives.  During those times, candles were a luxury.  If I wanted to burn a wonderful smelling candle, I was going to have to figure out how to make them.  Plus, I love giving gifts, and most people love candles.  Well, ignorance really is bliss!  I had no idea what I was getting into when I started buying ingredients and testing products.  What began as a neat little idea to have a nice smelling home and gifts to give at holiday time, turned into a ‘double-dog dare you’ challenge to make a candle good enough that I would spend my hard-earned money on it.  Yes, it was really just me challenging me… And… I did it. (Trust me, if I can, anyone can.)

Here we are, many years and countless versions of my candles later… I had just moved to Midland, Texas, in May 2019, which was not long before the pandemic started, and I was given my walking papers from the Fortune 500 company where I was employed.  Our company was purchased by another company, and unfortunately, they only wanted the lands, not the staff.  I thought to myself, “it’s time I took a chance on myself.”  I took a huge leap of faith, headed back to Oklahoma and turned my joy into a business in January 2021. 

I am so exited to make candles for you.  Scents have always triggered memories for me. My candle names and scents are inspired by my time growing up in New Iberia, Louisiana, serving in the US Navy, my years living in Oklahoma, Texas and a few others here and there.  I have been so blessed to cross paths with and get to know some of the most wonderful, intelligent, hard-working, fun, creative, bat-shit crazy and loving people.  I try to stay connected in some way to as many of them as possible.  I hope to connect with all of you through the stories of my life, my family, my friends.  If you talk to anyone who knows me or my family, they’ll tell you WE HAVE STORIES…some are funny, nostalgic, silly and relatable and some are just sweet memories. 

I have high expectations for any candle I purchase, so I used those standards to make Snubble Tubble Candles.  My candles are made with a soy wax blend that I have spent years fine-tuning to ensure a long-lasting burn.  I use high-quality, highly concentrated fragrance oils to ensure a great cold and hot scent throw.  I’ve broken so many candles over the years, so I decided to try out metal tins…they are shatter-resistant (they shouldn’t break at all but given the times we live in, I am cautious to not speak in absolutes) and lighter to ship than most glass candles…and the wide-mouth makes it easier to cut your wicks and relight.  I also offer beautiful glass containers. 

With so many options of fragrances, wax melts and sachets, I know I have something for everyone to enjoy. I stand behind my products. If you are not satisfied, just reach out and let me know.  I might cry first, but I will appreciate the opportunity to make it right. Much love to all of you out there… and I mean ALL OF YOU!! I often say, if people can hate for no reason, I can love for no reason.  All are welcome here!!

A small portion of my massive and awesome family! We love football, parties, each other and Snubble Tubble Candles!

Our Team

Shelley Klingler, USN Veteran

Founder & Chief Candle Officer

Alexandra Klingler, MHA, MLS

Daughter, Chief Labeler, Avid Candle Burner

I’d love to hear from you!  Questions? Comments? Requests? Quotes for the Day?